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What is Acasma Quantum Energy?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acasma?…

Acasma is an energy connection that humans can tap into to help them heal all spaces of their lives.

Acasma is not reiki. Acasma is not quantum touch. Acasma is an ancient yet future modality.

Acasma is a next level Ascension modality.

Acasma helps the physical body adjust and process your energy as you expand.

Acasma offers grounding frequencies to assist your awakening process.

Acasma is an energy healing modality that helps your Being on a quantum level, meaning Acasma helps you heal all spaces of you.

Acasma is gentle, yet profoundly powerful. Acasma is facilitated by a person who has graduated the teachings of Acasma Quantum Energy and has been attuned to the energy of Acasma to allow them to share the energy with others. The energy connection you feel in an Acasma session or course is the energy of remembrance and reconnection. Acasma is the understanding of your being beyond who and what you are as a human and Acasma reconnects you to the spaces of you beyond this Now. Acasma reconnects you to your power, to your Wholeness, to your heart, and to your core as Love. Some have said that Acasma is like DMT, ayahuasca, shrooms, etc. but, without any side effects or downside. An Acasma session last about 30 - 60 minutes and all you do is intend to receive, lay down and relax, and listen to a provided music link. Acasma is a higher vibrational space of connection that assists you as you awaken to your own power. Acasma is the remembrance of peace, the renewal of strength, and the reconnection of Love.

Q. What can Acasma Quantum Energy help me with?

A. Everything…

  • Emotional Healing

  • Physical Healing

  • Energy Clearing & Healing

  • Stress Relief

  • Expanding Your Consciousness

  • Hear Your Light Team & Higher Selves

  • Activate Your Gifts and Higher Dimensional Powers

  • Activate mediumship abilities, align your functionality with your supernatural abilities and higher knowings.

  • and so much more… it is limitless

Acasma is a Higher Dimensional Energy Modality that is ever expanding to accommodate assisting the human as they expand. Whether you feel stuck, or you feel highly expansive, this energy meets you right where you are at assisting you in aligning to your absolute highest good.

Q. Is the energy work Meredith facilitates and teaches called Reiki?

A. No this is not Reiki. Meredith became a Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner in 2017 & Master in 2020 and has studied many ancient healing modalities. See my about section for my credentials. Acasma Quantum Energy is the next level of energy healing for Humanity. It is a Higher Dimensional Consciousness and connection space.

Meredith anchors, facilitates, and teaches Acasma Quantum Energy.

Q. What is the difference between Reiki and Acasma Quantum Energy?

A. Acasma Quantum Energy is a higher dimensional, Ancient-Future energy present in this now to assist Humanity as they expand their consciousness. Acasma Quantum Energy is an ASCENSION MODALITY. Reiki paved the way vibrationally to assist Humans as they began embracing the understanding of energy healing. Acasma offers one healing on all levels of ones Being AND Reconnection and Remembrance which facilitates one’s Sacred Expansion of one’s Consciousness. This takes the client from healing to healing AND Ascending.

The largest difference with Acasma Quantum Energy and Reiki is that Acasma is in alignment with the Origins of Christ's teachings. This is not in any way connected to a religion, as Christ's teachings hold the purity of each individual’s I AM within the Human form, and one's ability to live as a Sovereign Being completely connected with God, as a piece of Source. Acasma may assist one in clearing distortions and densities that may have been present for one’s entire life and even from past life experience as well. This breaks cycles of densities and Acasma offers Family Lineage Clearing, as well (available in every Acasma energy session space)

Acasma sessions provide a connection to the individual's Quantum Self and Quantum Spaces. Many clients "see" their Light Team, higher self/ves, angels, star families, as they expand in these sessions. In these sessions, many heal spaces for themselves and spaces for their family lines and even for the human collective. Acasma facilitates large spaces of energetic work, healing, and Sacred Expansion in a very small space of time, Quantum Shift spaces.

Acasma is an ever-expanding consciousness that RECONNECTS the Human to their Soul, their Wholeness, to Earth, to their Zero Point, and to Source. These Reconnections are the core of Acasma. Acasma facilitates a space for the individual to Remember Who They Are. One begins to remember their Soul Purpose, their Spiritual Gifts, and their Multidimensional Selves. This is Sacred Expansion and Embodiment, the consciousness of the Human Being expanding into its Wholeness or one may see it as the Wholeness anchoring into the Now Human Being.



All my sessions include Acasma Quantum Energy.

Acasma Quantum Energy Sessions are offered via Zoom OR Consciousness-to-Consciousness. These are listed as separate sessions in the SERVICES section.

Acasma Quantum Energy Sessions focus on DEEP Restoration of One's Root Center and DEEP RECONNECTION to the the New Earth, this allows one to anchor in their Higher Codes and their own Higher Light, and reconnect to one's Soul Path, and to one's connection to Source and their individual Source-space.

THESE SESSIONS facilitate clearings, alignment, healings, ancestral healings, inner child healings, and we have had many documented physical, emotional, and mental MIRACLE HEALINGS.



Q. What would one gain from each of the AQE (Acasma Quantum Expansion) facilitator courses?
A. The courses are powerful connection spaces allowing the student to heal their own Being, for their greatest and highest good, on all levels and expand their consciousness to be all they have come to be in this Now. Whether one is already an experienced Energy Healer, or they are brand new to this world of Light Workers these courses meet one right where they are at. These courses all provide Sacred Expansion for the student and they also provide the teachings and understandings, Activations and Attunements so one may facilitate these connection sessions for others, IF THEY CHOOSE TO assist others in their sacred expansion as well. **Each student and client experience these sessions and courses differently and based upon their highest good.

Q. Do you offer payment plans for your One-on-One Courses?

A. Yes, payment plans and even customize courses to included exactly what one may feel drawn to are available. We can also customize course durations to fit ones needs as well.

Q. What if I can’t find a session time that works for me?

A. We truly want to assist everyone best we can. If you cannot find a good time and day that works for you, please contact Meredith for additional space that may be available. We strive to accommodate our GLOBAL FAMILY and all time zones.

Q. Do you book sessions on the weekend? Not usually, as this is a space Meredith facilitates her Group classes and events. It is possible, if this is the only space one can connect in.

Q. Can one take the Master Level Course without the Full Course?

A. No. These courses are based upon energetic activations and attunements and applicable course work. One must build on these higher dimensional understandings level by level.

Q. Can one attune and activate others to Acasma once they are a facilitator?

A.No. These are facilitator level courses. One may facilitate these higher dimensional sessions of reconnection and sacred expansion but one may not teach, attune, or activate others at this level. Master Teacher Levels are now available to those ready to move to this next level.

Q. Can you promise me I will be healed?

A. No. Your experience is up to you and what is for your greatest and highest good. These sessions and courses offer one the Quantum and Sacred connections to assist one in MIRACLES but I cannot promise or guarantee any specific outcome as you are Sovereign and ultimately it is YOU and your energy that INTENDS and ALLOWS the higher ALIGNMENT of Acasma and your healing.

Q. How much time should I wait between sessions?

A. There is no set schedule as you are to listen to your Being.

Q. Can I book more than one Conscious Conversation Session in one week?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you offer life coach sessions? 

A. Yes. These can be adjusted to more than one session a week according to the client.

Q. Do you offer packages of various types of sessions with a discount for purchasing together?

A. Yes. Please contact Meredith for additional info and assistance with the investment and scheduling.

Q. Do you offer gift certificates?

A. Yes. Please contact Meredith for additional info and assistance.

Q. How do I get more info on the Acasma Planet of Light & Healing Grid and the Acasma Beacons of Love Family of Light Private Group?

A. Contact Meredith or Cate @acronesvoice 

Cate & I facilitate a complementary Acasma session every Full Moon. All are welcome

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