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The Art of Reiki

Reiki Certified 1st and 2nd Degree by Master Youngar.

March 4th & 5th 2017

Reiki is safe, gentle, non-invasive form of hands on healing. Recipients report their experience of Reiki includes increased energy, reduction of pain, deep relaxation, and a general feeling of well-being.

Reiki initiation attunes a practitioner to become a channel for the Reiki energy and its powerful, life-changing experience for physical, mental, and spiritual growth.


Metaphysics 2014-2016

"Universal Intelligence, being the creator of all things, thus lives and exists in all things, which can be thought of as the existence of an ultimate unity. Unity symbolizes love, and love is the spirit of Universal Intelligence, or God."

- Dr. Paul Leon Masters


Kabbalah 2013-2015

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that reveals how the universe and life works. On a literal level, the Kabbalah means "to receive". It is the study of how to receive fulfillment in our lives.

Certified Lemurian Healer

Certified Crystal Healer

7 year Spiritual Trainer

Daughter of the American Revolution


1 year Apprenticeship via Master Medium




Meredith walked & learned with Alice ("Alicja") Jones, a Reiki Master healer, author, and teacher. Located in North Virginia. 

Born in Tomaszów Lubelski, Poland, She has always had high psychic abilities, her first name – Stanislawa– translates into Light, and her middle name – Alicja, from which Alice is derived – translates into Truth. That is what she brings to her Spiritual and Past Life readings — Light and Truth.

Alice channels wisdom from Spirit, including: your angels, guides, ancestors, your Higher Power, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters, the Devic kingdom, the Brotherhood of White Light, and the Council of Twelve to bring you messages which many times include PAST LIVES and how they impact this life.

She offers clarification about relationships, health, career, education, and life purpose. Jones is also the Lead Minister of the Rays of Healing Church (Burke, VA branch), an intuitive counselor, energy healer, and author.

Meredith studied all 4 levels of Reiki with Alice and was certified in the Usui Reiki tradition. Mixed with Angel natural Healing techniques. @alice.alicja.jones


Grand Master Dr. Mikao Usui 

Dr. Hayashi

Mrs. Takata

Arleen Green

Alice Jones

Meredith Myers

February 8th - July 25th 2020 

Reiki I - reiki refresher

Reiki II - reiki refresher

Reiki III 

Reiki Master Teacher 






Meredith walks & learns from A.L. (Andrea) Garris, 
The Woman who Walks with Angels. @a.l.garris
Teams of Light, Angels, Star Families, and all those who come in the greatest degree of love and consciousness of Christ. Andrea works with an Inter-Galactic team of Light Beings. ACTIVATING and REMEMBERING WHO I Am.  As a Higher Dimensional LIFE GUIDE, Andrea facilitates Conscious Conversation Sessions to assist one in removing OLD PROGRAMMING and implementing NEW BELIEFS AND PROGRAMS to ALIGN one with their HIGHEST TIMELINE, Now. ACASMA Energy Consciousness reconnects individuals to their Zero Point, and this Reconnection RE-establishes one's Pure Energetic Signature.


August 24th - Nov 6th 2020

Acasma Quantum Energy Facilitator I

5D Angelic Connection Facilitator 

AQE Reconnection Facilitator

AQE Light Language Soul Communicator

AQE Sacred Heart Reconnection Facilitator

Aug 4th-25th 2021 AQE Foundations II

Oct 13-Nov 9th 2021 AQE Level III

AQE Master Teacher Foundations I

Nov 29th 2021-Jan 17th 2022

AQE Master Teacher Foundations II

March 28th 2022-May 30th 2022

AQE Master Teacher Foundations III

June 6th 2022-8/8 2022 

AQE Grand Master DEA

Cosmic Remembrance & Wings of Light Teacher 10/10/22-1/2/23

Rise of The Goddess Teacher 6/21/22-12/21/22

Acasma Galactic Shaman 1.1 Facilitator & Teacher 2/3/23-3/24/23

AQE Sound Healing & Light Language 

Facilitator & Teacher 5/19/23-7/14/23


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