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My beacon of love and light… Meredith is a soul to be reckoned with. Her light, her love, and her power to transform and transmute the beauty that the world has to gain is of another dimension. I was so humbled when she chose me to be a part of her  apprenticeship program. And what a powerhouse it has been packed with. She is one gifted angel on this earth and I often am at a loss of words to explain what a difference this journey has made in my life. I am in awe and so very grateful. She has built an incredible amount of content. This is not some side gig, she lives and breaths it. Meredith just loves you and she shines her light on you, she lifts you up and she is everything a person needs to grow their soul and light. I am so incredibly honored, blessed and grateful to learn from her . Thank you my beacon of love and light, you have lead the way for me, and my life has opened up and changed forever because of you. 

My healing session with Meredith was such an amazing experience. She took the time to really connect with me during the session, and she gave me feedback and notes afterwards. During the session, I was able to connect with my inner child and my spirit guides. I discovered new methods and insight on how to heal my trauma from the past. Afterwards, I not only felt better emotionally, but physically as well.. I was just getting over a cold and a stomach virus at the time of our session. The next day, the congestion was gone. I had more strength and energy to recover from my stomach virus. I would highly recommend Meredith for a healing session.

 I sat through a guided meditation with Meredith, I was able to cultivate incredibly vivid images. I could feel the energy in my core as I allowed my mind to be free to take the journey with her descriptions. During the sessions, I felt inspired and powerful. I felt more connected to my "oneness", to my "all". After the session, I felt rejuvenated. I could actually see and feel myself vibrating at a different level. The meditations are great to revisit to reignite the inner knowing that sometimes becomes lost. I would definitely recommend healing sessions with Meredith.

-Light Weaving Goddess

After I met Meredith I soon went down the rabbit hole of sage, crystals, and meditation. At that time I was struggling with depression and anxiety and was held prisoner by my medications. Meredith has been a light in my life. She dowsed me with healing, love and taught me the importance of mindfulness and self love. Most importantly Meredith taught me that I could manifest my own destiny. I was going through a spiritual awakening. One day I sat down and decided to write down these manifestations. Nine months later....I am now free from all prescriptions medications, I work at a treatment facility teaching art to children who have undergone trauma, and I am a Reiki Master Practitioner with a practice of my own. I am fulfilled and happier than ever.  I am so blessed to have met you Meredith. My soul sister, my mentor, my friend. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and showing me the light.


When I first started with Spirit Mama "Meredith" I was a different person. I was, I equate it to an infant or newborn, I was timid and held so many burdens and darkness within until I was just walking the Earth. Our first meeting felt inviting like talking to a family member or close friend. I tried other modalities and I'm in a place where Energy healing is scoffed at, so I never thought I'd get to learn it. Meredith is a Godsend. It changed my life. I'm more confident, and I look at life through different lenses. I've learned to tame my temper and turn it into something positive. I started this because of my father, to help with his physical pain from back surgery, and I wanted a better way outside Western medicine. Her healing & teachings let me be myself. I never would have put videos of me on any platform much less take a picture. Now I post & share all the time. I Am always determined to take her classes & sessions. Feels like home. ~Kimberly

You helped me find and really see myself, truly connect to my Light and find the pathways to understanding my truth. Gave me the access to the knowledge I needed to heal and the tools to support my journey. Above all else you gave me a sacred space to feel safe enough to break down my walls and access the deepest parts of my own trauma that needed my love. The space and energy you held for me to feel safe, seen and loved. -Aly

Hello, My review of how I felt during & after healing with the beautiful Majestik Lioness. First off Meredith speaks in such a calm, soothing voice & that for me sets the perfect tone for healing. I felt calm & clear the whole time she was speaking. I felt a big sense of release during our time together & I even cried at one point. After it was over I felt lighter. That night I had a perfect night's sleep which I had been struggling with before then. The next day my focus was better & I felt even lighter than I had the day before after the session. She is indeed very gifted & such a beautiful soul. I would definitely want her to perform healing for me again. -Dawn

My healing sessions are always so amazing with Meredith. Together we connect into the higher realms and it’s like nothing I have ever experienced before. I am like a different person when we are done, my whole energy shifts. My time with Meredith is always such a treat. I am truly grateful for her as my mentor and helping me heal in ways I didn’t even know I needed. I love being in the Light with her.

~ Nina

Meredith, You have a fantastic career ahead of you as a world-class healer. I am so privileged to be an integral part of your journey.
Love and Blessings,

I just had the most life changing session with Meredith. It was deeply emotional and truly beautiful. I’m already seeing so many positive shifts in my life. I can’t wait to book my next session ~Julia

Meredith is an amazing intuitive energy reader and healer. Her unique way of connecting with the Divine and your guides is mind blowing. If you haven't had a chance to book a reading or healing session with Meredith, I highly recommend you do so from this beautiful goddess today.

~ Lucious Lyran,

House of The Sacred Woman

I trust and love Meredith so very much. When Meredith became a teacher, it was the final push I needed. Her teachings have shifted my whole sense of self. I don’t say that lightly. It has helped me realize my true worth and power through love. The concepts of sovereignty & authenticity have changed everything. They allow me to be me unapologetically. I have come into a true sense of self. I am more acutely aware of the impact I have on others. I am now ready to share my light with the world. Meredith. is an amazing teacher and a true light.

With Love and Gratitude,

  Hearth Witch Healing

Meredith has truly been a light in my life since I met her almost 7 years ago. I’ve grown in many spaces with her. From being in her apprenticeship & every class she has ever offered. She has this beautiful way of creating a safe sacred space for healing, learning & growing. I recommended Meredith to anyone who would love to evolve in this work. It is truly life changing in all the best ways. -South Wind Alchemy

There are not enough words to describe how much The Majestik Lioness changed my life. She is such a sweet, kind, gentle soul. I've taken many classes with her & she teaches in a way that you can understand & absorb every word. I have learned so much about myself & how powerful I truly am through her teaching. I feel SO blessed to know her & I will always walk with her.

-Virgo Goddess

 I feel like I’ve known her all my life. Her energy both supported and strengthened me. Now I am taking her courses and am releasing old programming to make room for the new. Meredith creates space in a community setting for this expansion to occur. To me, it’s her authentic, generous, and loving nature that allows her to teach from an open heart. I am so grateful to have her in my life and to be part of the loving and powerful community she’s created.


Meredith is an amazing mentor, friend, light worker and healer. she has truly helped me transform my life in so many ways. I have been working with her for years and I love her so much. She is sincere, sweet, patient and kind. The best.

-The Butterfly Goddess

I have worked with Meredith for 7 years and cannot speak more highly of her. She guided me through the process of healing and it has been a complete shift in my life . I decided to work with her through her apprenticeship program and it has been an amazing experience. I have learned so much from her. She truly is gifted.

-Sea & Sun 

Working with Meredith has changed my life in countless ways. But, most importantly, she helped me to change the way I view myself. I have grown so much while working with her. She is one of a kind. A true gem.

-Badass Goddess Diva

Meredith is a blessing to all of us walking with her. She is a wonderful teacher and friend with so much to teach. Love our soul family and Home of Solace. Looking forward to learning so much more.


Spiritual Hippie 777

Getting to know Meredith over the years has been life changing. I have been on a journey to healing and self-discovery ever since. Her readings are heartfelt and insightful. Her advice and guidance stand the test of time. I go back to her readings over and over again. Sometimes the messages are gentle and soothing. Other times, they help me to find my inner strength and get my self together. Either way, the messages are always channeled through love. Joining her apprenticeship gave me the structure and support to begin my healing process and gifted me with a renewed passion to study, grow, and create a life worthy of my soul’s purpose and desires. I am so thankful that I found her. I am so thankful that she welcomed me into her life with open arms.

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