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The Majestik Spirit Daughter Apprenticeship:

*Self Healing & Wellness

*Shadow Work


*Chakra Repair

*Crystal Healing

*Balancing Spirit and Ego

*Identifying your Inner Light or True Self

*Opening up Creative Outlets

*Visualizing and Manifesting

*Blessing and Protections

*Work with Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters

*Altar Construction

*Learning Sacred Practices

*Higher Perspective

*Harmonizing with your Spiritual Gifts



Month 1 - Root Chakra - Grounding, Inner Child, Cutting Cords, Financial Blessing

Month 2 - Sacral Chakra - Creativity, Sensuality, Yoni Health, Intuition Work

Month 3 - Solar Plexus - Personal Power, Confidence Booster, Power of Choice

Month 4 - Heart Chakra - Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Compassion

Month 5 - Throat Chakra - Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth

Month 6 - Third Eye - Intuition and Mirror Work

Month 7 - Crown Chakra - Deepening Connection to God and Building a Stronger Relationship with Higher Self


Month 1 - The Angel Ascension - This month is all about connecting with the many Angels, Archangels, celestials. I choose the book for this month, but you choose your cards.

Month 2 - Invoking Your Inner Goddess - This month is all about connecting with the Moon, the divine feminine energy & Goddess/deity energy.

Month 3 - The Ascended Master Blaster - This month is all about learning & experiencing all the great Masters. Buddha, Jesus, Saint Germain, etc.

Month 4 - The Spirit Animal - This month is all about finding & connecting with your spirit animals.

Month 5 - Mother Earth - This month is all about connecting to Gaia & fairies (Earth spirits/Earth Angels)

Month 6 - Lemurian Healing - This month is all about connecting with the cosmic energy to heal yourself and others.

Month 7 - The Enchanted Empress - This month is all about learning & understanding tarot on a deeper, more intimate level.

You will receive a certificate & special spiritual tools for all your hard work.

Month 8 - Apprentice’ Choice - You may continue to choose additional boxes each month. Some examples include: Buddhism, Paganism, Atlantean or Egyptian Study, Day of the Dead, Herbalism, Runes, Scrying, Reiki, Christianity, Metaphysics or Esoteric knowledge such as the Akashic Record, Auras, Crystals, Earth Star and Soul Star Chakra Work.

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