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Majestik Session Hours: Sunday & Monday 4 PM- 8 PM CST.

Thank you for choosing to spend time with me in the Light.

These are some of my favorite moments.

I will reach out to you to book your time.


  • No phone, no zoom, just remote connection in the Light
  • This is a 60 min. remote healing session. 
  • You will receive a meditation to listen to or you can listen to any relaxing music you like.
  • Lay down at any time after booking this session to receive.
  • If you are busy, you can lay down & connect whenever is convenient to you.
  • Notes will be sent after via private YouTube link
  • Great to watch and rewatch
  • I recieve information from my intuition & Light for your past, present & future. 
  • Connecting you to your Light, guides, guardians & angels to facilitate for your greatest and highest good.
  • Receive & activate the origins of your Light Language and Soul Songs.
  • One on One guidance to receive my Majestika healing modality. 
  • Activate your sacred CODES and symbols.
  • Reconnect with your Multidimensional Selves to advance more in your gifts.
  • Connect with messages from your Higher Self, Angels, Star Family etc.

  • Clear dense programming and reprogram.

  • Relax as you receive uploads.

  • Optimal alignment, grounding, reconnection to your confidence, healing & love.

  • My detailed notes emailed to you via a private video link within 24 hours of your connection session, session notes include activating your light language.


This will be a private link shared to the email account used to order. 

These are custom created daily. Orders may be completed as they are received. Video Upload delay prohibits immediate availability. I appreciate your patience with me.

I do not charge for my gifts, only for my time.

All information provided by The Majestik Lioness during readings, rituals, spiritual healings, blessings, ceremonies, consultations, visits, Full & New moon blessings, group, live sessions or any other communications (the “Services”) shall be considered by all parties to be explicitly for educational, spiritual, or entertainment purposes only. These services are not intended to replace the care or guidance of a physician or therapist. Always consult your physician or therapist before changing anything.

60 Minute Remote Healing

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