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Majestik Session Hours: Sunday & Monday 4 PM- 8 PM CST.


Send me details about your dream. I will help you understand its meaning. I studied dream interpretation at The School of Metaphysics. I would love to give you guidance about your dreams.

You will receive an email with a result video. Great to watch & rewatch. This will be private link shared to the e-mail account used to order. I will film as long as I feel called to. It really depends on how long the dream is & what information needs to be blessed.

These are custom created daily. Orders may be completed as they are received. Video Upload delay prohibits immediate availability.

I do not charge for my gifts, only for my time.


Thank you for choosing to walk with me. I appreciate every supporter, student, client & follower. My beautiful soul family. You are a gift. To be with you is a blessing everyday. My heart is forever grateful. 


All information provided by The Majestik Lioness during readings, rituals, spiritual healings, blessings, ceremonies, consultations, visits, Full & New moon blessings, group, live sessions or any other communications (the “Services”) shall be considered by all parties to be explicitly for educational, spiritual, or entertainment purposes only. These services are not intended to replace the care or guidance of a physician or therapist. Always consult your physician or therapist before changing anything.

Dream Interpretation

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