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Majestik Session Hours: Sunday & Monday 4 PM- 8 PM CST.


This is a great reading for those wanting messages from their angels. Let's spend good quality communicating with your beautiful teams of Light & guardians. Sending you peace & healing. Even though they are not here with us in the physical, they are still with you. Our angels want to spend time with us, just like those that are still here with us on earth. This is also for those that consider themselves earth & star angels. Your wings of Light will be blessed in this reading. If you are wanting to see, feel & hear your teams of light. All will be activated here. Once you book this with me, don't be surprised if you receive signs from the other side. May the signs & wonders show up for you & your loved ones. Always in our hearts.  

What you will receive:

  • 4 card spread 
  • 4 portals of higher Light
  • Blessing on your angelic connections.
  • A glimpse into your connection with loved ones that have transitioned out of the physical
  • Past, present & future information/healing
  • Great for those in their Ascension journey
  • Great to have focus points for the people, places & things you love.
  • You will receive a private youtube video emailed to you & pictures of your cards pulled.
  • Great to watch & rewatch. You will receive new information each time you spend time with it. The work I facilitate is very layered. Feel free to spend time with this many times.
  • I will use whatever tools I feel called to in this reading. Tarot, oracle, crystal ball, sound & energy healing.
  • I will film as long as I feel called to.
  • 15 min. or as long as I feel called to 

How I channel:

I communicate through my inner knowing & light language. 

My breath will change. It will sound as if I am panting fast. Sounds like I am at a higher altitude. This is how I register the higher frequency or assist you in clearing. I can also have jolts in my solar plexus. My accent & tone will fluctuate. I will also speak my languages of Light. These are messages to your heart & soul. Languages from my past & future incarnations flooding into my now. It surpasses the English language.


These are custom created daily. Orders may be completed as they are received. Video Upload delay prohibits immediate availability. I appreciate your patience with me. I can't wait to spend time with you in the quantum.

I do not charge for my gifts, only for my time.


Thank you for choosing to walk with me. I appreciate every supporter, student, client & follower. My beautiful soul family. You are a gift. To be with you is a blessing everyday. My heart is forever grateful. 


All information provided by The Majestik Lioness during readings, rituals, spiritual healings, blessings, ceremonies, consultations, visits, Full & New moon blessings, group, live sessions or any other communications (the “Services”) shall be considered by all parties to be explicitly for educational, spiritual, or entertainment purposes only. These services are not intended to replace the care or guidance of a physician or therapist. Always consult your physician or therapist before changing anything.

In the arms of the angels reading

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